How-to create your own Certificate Authority (or the better way to get working snake oil certificates for internal use).

As I have a local owncloud installation I was searching how to create certificates which work well in Iron, Thunderbird and the owncloud client. Therefore basically I used: the how to which I found on

When I was finished I found out that Iron was still complaining about the certificate. The issue was the missing SubjectAltName in the certificate. Therefore I searched and I found the following how to explaining how to add it

And here’s now my solution:
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Trying to create a akka-http server consuming multi-part messages

I’m currently working on a akka-http server which should consume multi-part messages and send back on of those parts to the client. Currently I struggle a bit with the framework itself and especially lambdas as they’re pretty new to me. Here is my current code: Continue reading

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Photoshop CC Keyboard Shortcuts

I was just searching for a list of all keyboard shortcuts in Photoshop CC. I found a few links which where either to old or I was not able to print them in a nice way in chrome/iron. So I searched further and found something pretty nice: Continue reading

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Curves Presets for Lightroom

Today I created a few curves presets to be used in lightroom:

To use them you just need to unzip the file into C:\Users\<YOUR USERNAME> \AppData\Roaming\Adobe\CameraRaw\Curves and restart Lightroom. Continue reading

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Groovy, XML and Namespaces

I just had to work with Groovy (creating a Pipeline in Jenkins V2) where we needed to handle XML documents. In fact we were reading the documents from disk but just to keep that little example easy I skip this and just create a text variable which includes the XML fracment. What I want to show is how to use the XMLParser together with a XML document which uses namespaces. Continue reading

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What I really don’t like @ Adobe Lightroom

When managing my photos I’m using Adobe Lightroom since three years now. To publish my pictures on 500px I’ve one publishing service where all pictures are added when I mark them with a color label. That works pretty nice. But what I don’t like is that I wanted to export the pictures in a ordered way and that doesn’t seem to work. Continue reading

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JMS vs. Kafka

Last weekend I create a small Java comparison test (yes it was a bit unfair) between Apache Kafka, Oracle Weblogic and WS02 MessageBroker. What I basically did was to create simple clients for all three products (basically a Kafka client and JMS client which was used for Oracle and WS02) and I installed all products with basic configuration (as they can be downloaded). Continue reading

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OSB threading and local proxies

The last days I investigated a lot into the osb 11G (Oracle ESB) threading model during my work. I found a few quite nice articles about that topic but sadly they’re mostly not really covering these topic together with local proxies (proxy with transport local or at least http proxies which are hosted on the same nodes). If you’re not familar with threading in OSB I recomment to read those articles first because I base my assumptions and thoughts on those. My main sources are:

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Gimp Python Plugin: Add all open images as layer into one.

I’ve just created a little script to make time stacking pictures easier. It just adds all open pictures into the current selected one.
Here’s the source

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Got Android 2.3.7 on my X10 mini

Hey finally I got Android 2.3.7 working on my Sony Ericsson X10 mini. Which is currently not official supportet and I guess it will never be supported by Sony Ericsson. So I used a custom rom build by CyanogenMod ( It was not such easy because there was no 1:1 howto and I had to search multiple howto’s (programs and kernels as well) for each step. In the meantime I fleshed with a wrong kernel what leads to system freeze during bootup and was much trouble to flash it back, because it didn’t let me into flash mode. So this post is also not a all in one howto but it lists all needed steps with corresponding links to the howto’s for the details and hopefully it will help others to got it working easier then for me. Continue reading

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