Recommendations to read (Part 2)

In september I’ve made some recommendations for books which are written by my mum and little sister (s. Now I’ve read both and must say they are both really good 🙂 (hopefully I say that not only because I am the son/brother).

Specalliy when you know the people who have written the book you know wich thoughts and memories are behind this words. You are able to figure out persons wich are represented by characters and so on. So for me it was a new experience to read a book which was written by a “known person”.

Ok lets go a little bit deeper into the written stuff…

First of all the book of my little sister (short description can be found in the earlier post).
The target group for this book are children so the writing is a more easy to understand. But the content of the book, the thoughts and story which is telled by my sister is very nice. When you read the book you became a better understanding of the life of poor people living on the street. For me it was in most cases unclear if that person (Marie-Luna) is a fiction or a real person. The greatest cognition of this book is that freedom is not that you can do what you want and that there are even things which will constrain your freedom. So in this meaning even birds are not free because they have to fly away when its getting colder.  I think this are things where my little sister has thought about as she has written this book and for me that book is a little bit like the story of my sister and the way she’ve made to find her place in the society (even when she’ve not lived on the street).

The book from my mother is more complex there is huge set of people’s interacting add one time on one place mixed up with thoughts of this charcaters written in indirect speach. This is a little bit confusing and you have to take care who is saying something or is even thinking about. I think this is not the style of book for everybody but people who like complex stories, will love this book. Specially the end which is very astonishing. But more I will not reveal. So if you wanna find out what I mean you have to buy the book 😉

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