Curves Presets for Lightroom

Today I created a few curves presets to be used in lightroom:

To use them you just need to unzip the file into C:\Users\<YOUR USERNAME> \AppData\Roaming\Adobe\CameraRaw\Curves and restart Lightroom.

Most of them can be used to give your pictures a special toning:
The first 8 are S curves (or inverted S curves) based on the color chanels. The naming pattern means that the color in upper case letters is boosted in the highlights and reduced in the shadows. Here are some samples:

The base Image is:

5_REDGREENblue 6_redGREENblue 7_REDgreenblue 8_redgreenblue

And there are a few other “creative” presets:

Crossentwicklung InstagramLook IsThisRetro Solarisation
StylizedBlue StylizedGreen StylizedRed

At least there is one preset which is special. It’s called FindErrors and can be used to find errors like dust on the sensor or the lens:

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