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Trying to create a akka-http server consuming multi-part messages

I’m currently working on a akka-http server which should consume multi-part messages and send back on of those parts to the client. Currently I struggle a bit with the framework itself and especially lambdas as they’re pretty new to me. … Continue reading

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Photoshop CC Keyboard Shortcuts

I was just searching for a list of all keyboard shortcuts in Photoshop CC. I found a few links which where either to old or I was not able to print them in a nice way in chrome/iron. So I … Continue reading

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Groovy, XML and Namespaces

I just had to work with Groovy (creating a Pipeline in Jenkins V2) where we needed to handle XML documents. In fact we were reading the documents from disk but just to keep that little example easy I skip this … Continue reading

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What I really don’t like @ Adobe Lightroom

When managing my photos I’m using Adobe Lightroom since three years now. To publish my pictures on 500px I’ve one publishing service where all pictures are added when I mark them with a color label. That works pretty nice. But … Continue reading

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JMS vs. Kafka

Last weekend I create a small Java comparison test (yes it was a bit unfair) between Apache Kafka, Oracle Weblogic and WS02 MessageBroker. What I basically did was to create simple clients for all three products (basically a Kafka client and … Continue reading

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OSB threading and local proxies

The last days I investigated a lot into the osb 11G (Oracle ESB) threading model during my work. I found a few quite nice articles about that topic but sadly they’re mostly not really covering these topic together with local … Continue reading

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Gimp Python Plugin: Add all open images as layer into one.

I’ve just created a little script to make time stacking pictures easier. It just adds all open pictures into the current selected one. Here’s the source 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 … Continue reading

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Create multiline textbox with scrollbar in JavaFX

Currently I just played around with JavaFx. For the program I had build I had to use a multiline textbox with scrollbar. After some work here is the result: Source of JavaFX Class file 1 2 3 4 5 6 … Continue reading

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Currently working as Service Designer…

… for at last nearly a year now I am working in (I think) one of the biggest SOA projects in Germany. My task ist to design services. So for now I don’t have to code them. The main goal … Continue reading

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Ms-Project under Linux

For those who need to work with MS-Projectfiles under Linux I’ve found something interesting. There is a program called OpenProject which enables you to open and view MS-Projectfiles. In another blog I found some informations, that it does not include … Continue reading

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