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Trying to create a akka-http server consuming multi-part messages

I’m currently working on a akka-http server which should consume multi-part messages and send back on of those parts to the client. Currently I struggle a bit with the framework itself and especially lambdas as they’re pretty new to me. … Continue reading

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JMS vs. Kafka

Last weekend I create a small Java comparison test (yes it was a bit unfair) between Apache Kafka, Oracle Weblogic and WS02 MessageBroker. What I basically did was to create simple clients for all three products (basically a Kafka client and … Continue reading

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Create multiline textbox with scrollbar in JavaFX

Currently I just played around with JavaFx. For the program I had build I had to use a multiline textbox with scrollbar. After some work here is the result: Source of JavaFX Class file /* *TextboxMultline.fx * *Created on Nov … Continue reading

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Working with Smooks

Currently I’am workin in a project in Dresden. My part is placed in the ETL (Extract Transform Load) process and I have to do the transform part. So we have to transform XML and CSV files. Some of this files … Continue reading

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