Recommendations to read (Part 1)

First of all there is the new book from my mum. Its called ‘Raubkind’ and written in german. Here is the description of this book (currently only in german): Continue reading

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ServiceMix :: FTP Component

So in the project I talked from in the post before we maybe want to use ServiceMix as something like an transfer/routing server. So I looked at the ftp component to be able to get data from servers which are not running on the same machine (now at todays point it seems like that the other servers will bring us the data, so we don’t need ftp, but earlier this was not clear). So the basic configuration of an ftp component is easily done and you find enough documentation to get started. But I want to try the filter property which must be of the type “” so this means we have to create/use an class which implements the FileFilter interface. But how can we add the class to our configuration and how we get maven to compile this class during packaging our component? Here is my solution its something like combining the ftp component with the bean component:

Klick here for sourcecode

So as you can see there is a bean tag added, which includes the full qualified name of the Jeava class. This class is stored equally to a bean componenten under src/main/java/. Thats all.

Some basic informations:
servicemix-ftp component
servicemix-bean component

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Working with Smooks

Currently I’am workin in a project in Dresden. My part is placed in the ETL (Extract Transform Load) process and I have to do the transform part. So we have to transform XML and CSV files. Some of this files are about 200 Mbyte and we have decided to use Smooks ([HIER DER LINK]). Smooks is a framework to analyse or transform data (not only XML). Continue reading

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Installing Latex on Gentoo (with bibtex and nomencl)

I installed a second time my Gentoo system with Latex. I need bibtex and nomencl for my diploma thesis, so I have to install an extra package.

  1. Insert tetex USE-FLAG into make.conf
  2. emerge texlive
  3. emerge texlive-latexextra

The last step is needed for extra packages like nomencl…

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Impressions from India

First time as we arrive in Kalkutta, my first thougth was: “what a huge sauna”, temperature at 28° and a humidity at ca. 80%. Now we had to wait for 7 or 8 hours for our domestic flight to Bhubaneshwar. The time we spend with talking and trinking tea… as we arrived in Bhubaneshwar one guy from the university tooks us up. From airport we drove to the hotel to fresh us up and change clothes. After that we drove to university to met the vice chancellor and some other professors. This takes about an hour or something like that. After that we met the students of the exchange program and started the Java courses. At lunch we was at the dining house of the university. What was not much more, then an dump, what is much different from so called “mensa” on german universities. In the evening we fall early in our bets because of the jet-lag. Continue reading

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My cousin is under the ‘cap’…

… transfering german sayings into english roxx 🙂 Year last weakend we (Kim, Rainer, Kerstin and me) were  at the wedding of my cousin Anne. I think it was the loveliest wedding were I ever was invited (ok, that aren’t so much but I think for the coming weddings it will be hard to beat that). But let me start on the beginning. Continue reading

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What the fuck is an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)

Today we’ve thought about an ESB. We started by decomposing the whole term of Enterprise Service Bus: Continue reading

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Working with maven and servicemix

During my evaluation of servicemix, creating artifacts with maven fucks up. Much commands which must be known or if not, you have to look at servicemix FAQs and so on. So I eased up the use by creating a little shell script which allows me to create project directorys, ServiceUnits and ServiceAssemblies. To use the script you need Maven2.x (I’ve used version 2.0.8) because the script encapsulates all maven commands which are needed to do create the named units. So here it is:
[+] Show me the code…

-> download link

There is also a tool available for workin with ServiceMix its called Cimero2 (its a plugin for Eclipse) but its in beta status and will hopefully be maintained and extended in the next time. For this plugin I’ve created some of the BindingComponents which should be used within ServiceMix here you can get them:

servicemix-jdbc-bc used for the Spagic jdbc component (Spagic is an ServiceMix based open source ESB)


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Customized my Blog

As you can see, I’ve customized my blog and created my own theme… which is not finished at all, but for the first time it will fit my requirements. Also I’ve added a plugin which enables the blog to highlight source code from different programming languages. This plugin is called wp-syntax. Here are some examples:
First of all PHP:

And a second example with a unix shell script:

var='Hello World!'
echo $var
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Endorsement :: Gentoo Linux on my AMD 64 X2 4200+ Workstation

Last weekend I’ve found some time to build a linux system for my home workstation (until then I only used a Win XP Installation). After my first tries to reinstall the system with a ubuntu (7.10) installation a view months earlier (a year before there was a Continue reading

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